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About CoE

Nature of Collaboration:-

The model of collaboration at SDI with Siemens functions as a combined effort to enable students on Siemens Advanced Technology. The CoE offers the best of the technology being developed at Siemens R&D which is aligned with the Industry 4.0 standards. Taking the responsibility of delivery in own hands, Siemens ensure that quality of skill delivered is not compromised.

Siemens Approach Towards CoE:-

The industrial world is in the midst of transformation. The digital future of industry is no longer some far-flung promise. Today’s products are becoming smarter, more personalized. New insights, new opportunities, new levels of automation at every point of the value chain. These aren’t the promises of tomorrow; they’re the opportunities of today.

Bringing Industry 4.0 to SDI Bhubaneswar:-

Industry 4.0 is a concept that originated in Germany (where it is known as “Industrie 4.0”) and is often used to describe data-driven, AI-powered, networked “smart factories” as the harbingers of the fourth industrial revolution. This predicted transition of manufacturing processes and technologies is based on these core principles:

  • The pervasive networking of people, machines and “things” in physical and virtual realms (i.e. the Internet of Things)
  • Leveraging data through tools and systems that expose the data’s value to drive production efficiency and flexibility (i.e. digital transformation)
  • Increasing product quality and improving speed-to-market through pre-production virtual testing
  • AI-assisted and data-driven planning, production, manufacturing, and maintenance

Vision & Mission


With a focus on design, validation, automation and digitalization, Siemens stands for engineering excellence, innovation, and reliability.


Our mission is to provide top quality education and training for our students that will enable them to become outstanding and exemplary members of the global workforce.


  • To equip students with professional and practical skills, knowledge and experiences that will allow them to thrive and excel at their chosen careers.
  • To adhere students with the learning required to implement the Industry 4.0.
  • To enable learners with practical skills that will help them better understand the engineering principles and theory.
  • To empower students and help them make the most of academic and career opportunities.
  • To provide them with positive learning and life experiences through community and work connections.
  • To provide local and international students with relevant and innovative educational and training services.
  • To give an add-on with functional skills required for overall personality development and corporate performance.


  • Students will be able to work on Siemens related technologies with confidence in practical manner.
  • Students will be enabled on Industry 4.0 skills and knowledge.
  • Learners will be able to put better engineering knowledge in Industry on Jobs.
  • To provide students with exposure towards society and need of technology in shaping it further.
  • Aspirants will be able to understand the power of innovation and persistent technical growth.
  • Ingenuity for the students for betterment of professional and personal life.
  • To boost confidence for performing in better method for employment opportunities.


Course Offering

Designer Mechanical

Computer Aided Test

CNC Programmer

Process Design Engineer

Technician Instrumentation

Industrial Automation Specialist

Automotive Welding Machine Operator

Silent Features

  • Serve as a Technical Knowledge Resource for Industry
  • Equipped with State-of-the-Art Tools and Technologies
  • Hub for “Technical” Skill Development programs in State in coordination with Universities and Industry
  • Catalyze Industry – Academic Partnership
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