Designer - Mechanical

Designer - Mechanical

Industry / Academia partnership


Course Description :

Designer Mechanical is responsible for identifying customer’s Design Requirements, creating a Design Brief, planning Design Activities, creating & evaluating Design Options, creating Detailed Design using 2D and 3D Software and obtaining Design Validations from production and maintenance considerations. The job involves understanding customer’s requirement with respect to mechanical engineering equipment and establish a design brief, further allocate responsibilities and resources to each activity, and ensure that the complete design process is completed within agreed timelines while complying with all relevant regulations. Typical Job Roles (Positions) - Product Designer, Design Engineer, Draftsman, CAM Programmer, Sheet metal Engineer, Tool Designer, CAD Engineer etc.

Course Start Date & End Date :

01-05-2023 to 31-07-2023

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200 hrs

Module 1: Introduction To CAD/CAM/CAE & Engineering Drawing And Sketching

This month introduces the course's emphasis on the relationship between the teacher and the curriculum. The sessions this month deal with three basic topics. These topics will help to broaden your understanding of curriculum and the ways in which it effects students’ experience.

Topic List : SEE ALL

96 hrs

Module 2: Solid And Surface Modelling, Drafting and Assembly

This month introduces the course's emphasis on datum, swept and hole features, trim body and expressions. We also emphasis on coordinate systems, part navigator, associative copies and face and edge operations. In this month last we emphasis on basic freeform, assembly constraints, component arrays with drafting, top down assembly modelling and synchronous modelling.

Topic List : SEE ALL

104 hrs

Module 3: Computer Aided Manufacturing And CAE Analysis

This month introduces the course's emphasis on Program generation and operation methods. and also emphasis on introduction to CAE and managing CAE analysis data, meshing and mesh quality with boundary conditions and linear and nonlinear static analysis.

Topic List : SEE ALL

Course Fees

₹ 15,000/-


  • Diploma (Mechatronics,Mechanical)
  • B.E/ B.Tech (Mechatronics,Mechanical)


Mr. Amarendra Rout

Designer Mechanical Course Trainer


Computer numerically controlled programmers operate factory machines that convert raw materials into functional objects. They are responsible for reading and interpreting design blueprints, programming the CNC machine, and adjusting the machine settings until the desired specifications are met.

In today’s industrial environment, the manufacturing process relies on CNC machining tools. The different operations are performed through an automated process, and CNC machines operate various types of equipment. The manufactures have replaced the operator’s required equipment with CNC machining tools. Using CNC tools, it is possible to produce suitable and precise industrial products more accurately.


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