Industrial Automation Specialist

Industrial Automation Specialist

Industry / Academia partnership


Course Description :

Industrial Automation Specialist (IAS) provides solutions to automation problems in manufacturing and process industries. The job involves capturing user needs, designing, assembling, testing & installation and commissioning of Automation Systems involving Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic Components, Control Panels, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Communication and Software. Typical Job Roles (Positions) - Automation Engineer, PLC Programmer, Graduate Engineering Trainee, Project Engineer, Site Engineer, Service Engineer.

Course Start Date & End Date :

01-04-2023 to 02-10-2023

QP Code :

IAS/Q8005 NSQF Level – 5


184 hrs

Module 1: Environment, Health & Safety Module

Environmental health and safety managers inspect and evaluate the environment, equipment, and processes in working areas to ensure compliance with government safety regulations and industry standards. Their chief goal is to protect the employees, customers, and the environment.

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144 hrs

Module 2: Fundamentals Of Electricity

Voltage and current are the cornerstone concepts in electricity. We will create our first mental models for these basic electrical quantities. We will also talk about power, which is what happens when voltage and current act together.

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64 hrs

Module 3: Introduction To Electrica Machines

An electrical machine is a device that convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa. Transformer is also listed in electrical machine which change the voltage level of alternating current without changing frequency.

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312 hrs

Module 4: Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is a process of operating machines and other industrial equipment with the help of digital logical programming and reducing human intervention in decision making and manual command process with the help of mechanized equipment.

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144 hrs

Module 5: Programmeable Logic Controller

The programmable logic controller, or plc, is ubiquitous in process and manufacturing industries today. Initially built to replace electromechanical relay systems, the plc offers a simpler solution for modifying the operation of a control system. Rather than having to rewire a large bank of relays, a quick download from a pc or programming device enables control logic changes in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

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120 hrs

Module 6: Residental & Industrial Wiring

Residential electrical wiring is always completely covered within sheath insulation. This is meant to protect residents from electrical shock. From a technical aspect, most residential wiring are single phase and 120 Volts, consisting of three wires, positive, negative, and neutral.

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Course Fees

₹ 30,000/-


  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Electrical,Electronics,Mechatronics,instrumentation)
  • M.Sc. (Electronics)


Shaik Mastan Valli

CCTV Trainer

Sagar Mahapatra

PLC and HMI Trainer

Kiran Kumar Swain

Industrial Installation Trainer

Swagata Dash

Soft Skill & Business English Trainer



Must be qualified Bachelor Degree in Enginnering, Electrical Electronics, Mechatronics, instrumentation or from any recognize Organizations.


English Odia
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