Robotic Programming And Maintenance

Robotic Programming And Maintenance

QP : NIELIT/RA/5/44 (L4)

Industry / Academia partnership


Course Description :

Robotic Programming and Maintenance course is a comprehensive industry-aligned course designed to teach students about the principles and techniques of robotic programming and maintenance. The course, compliant to NSQF and industry requirements, introduces students to the basics of robotics, including robot anatomy and programming. Students earn about different types of robots, their components, and how to program them for various application. Students also learns about the design and safety aspects of robotics and maintenance tasks, such as calibration, troubleshooting, and repair, and how to perform them effectively.

Course Start Date & End Date :

01-05-2023 to 31-07-2023

QP Code :

NIELIT/RA/5/44 (L4)


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Module 1: Introduction To Robotics

This month introduces the course's emphasis on the relationship between the teacher of the curriculum. The sessions this month deal with three basic topics. These topics will help to broaden your understanding of the curriculum and how it affects student's experience.

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Start Date

End Date

Module 2: Robot Anatomy And Programming

This month introduces the course's emphasis on robot anatomy and motion analysis. and also an emphasis on robotic vision systems and robot software and programming.

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End Date

Module 3: Design & Safety

This month introduces the course's emphasis on robotic system design aspects and applications with robot maintenance & safety.

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Course Fees

Rs. 15,000/-


  • ITI
  • Diploma (Electrical,Mechanical,Electronics)


Rakesh Kumar Khatua

Robotic Trainer


SDI Bhubaneswar is country’s most promising Skill Academy promoted by Oil PSUs namely IOCL, ONGC, GAIL, HPCL, BPCL, OIL, EIL and BL & CO and managed by Indian Oil Corporation Limited under the aegis of MOP&NG in line with Government of India’s Skill India mission.

Industrial robots are those numerical control systems that can be automatically controlled, and are reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulators that can move along in three or more axes. Some robots are programmed to carry out specific action repeatedly without variation, and with a high degree of accuracy.


The course curriculum is aligned with National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) of Government of India and can also provide customized programs. In addition, the institute also provides assistance and encourages entrepreneurship and self- employment.

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