Process Control And Automation

Process Control And Automation

Industry / Academia partnership


Course Description :

Process Control and Automation Specialist, also known as DCS Programmer & Trouble-shooter, is responsible for designing, programming, testing, and maintaining DCS Systems used in various industries to control and monitor complex industrial processes in real time. The job involves working closely with engineers and technical experts to understand the process and develop specialized software to configure controllers, set up alarms and notifications, and create control strategies for various processes of industries and troubleshooting any errors that may occur during the operation of the process plant. Typical Job Roles (Positions) – PLC Programmer, Support Engineer, DCS Control System Engineer, DCS Project Manager, Commissioning Engineers, etc.

Course Start Date & End Date :

15-03-2023 to 15-06-2023

QP Code :

 Q5605 (IASC), L4


96 hrs

Module 1: Introduction To Process Instruments

This month introduces the course's emphasis on the relationship between the teacher and the curriculum. The sessions this month deal with two topics. These topics demonstrates the knowledge of commonly used process measurement devices, control methods and strategies, and the proper selection, identification, design, installation, and operation of instrumentation.

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96 hrs

Module 2: Inter Connection

This month introduces the course's emphasis on software simantic manager, industrial networking, communication and ethernet, Field instruments connectivity through profibus, hart.

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264 hrs

Module 3: Simatic Pcs 7 Basics

This month introduces the course's emphasis on program of DCS using basic instructions programming and understand the architecture of DCS.

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Course Fees

₹ 15,000/-


  • Diploma (Electrical,Electronics,Instrumentation)


Susmita Nanda

(Process Instrumentation- Trainer)



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