Schneider CoE

Schneider CoE

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, has always been committed to support training in electricity, automation and energy management. Schneider Electric is committed to energy transition, a process which is driving our economic growth. To bring about this change, we need to increase the use of renewable energies and manage energy requirements more efficiently. The digitization of consumption data and production methods will help redress the balance between consumption and sustainable development, between comfort and efficiency.

About Centre of Excellence:

The CoE prepares young people to engage with the solutions of tomorrow. These are the people at the heart of energy transition; and they will be prepared to handle  multiple technologies: Smart City, Smart Factory, communications, energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart grids.

Vision & Mission

1. Vision

Schneider’s purpose is to empower all to make the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all.

2. Mission

To make an active contribution to training youth in current and future job activities to enable them to swiftly become operational, efficient, and be able to meet the future challenges.


  • Create an education ecosystem conversant with digital technologies - Smart City and Smart manufacturing.
  • Empower the youth of India to be future ready and be employable and entrepreneurial


  • Industry ready technicians/engineers in Smart City and Smart manufacturing Technologies
  • Build, install, test, commission simple to complex Automation systems as appropriate to the customer needs
  • Diagnoses and maintain complex control systems malfunctions requiring extensive knowledge of a variety of electronic or digital controls systems
  • Demonstrate the ability to operate independently and autonomously and take ownership of all tasks
  • To create well-structured documentation of the project to communicate to the users


Salient Features

  • Experiential learning in Smart City and Smart manufacturing Technologies
  • Equipped to upskill and reskill Industry personnel
  • Center positioned to train for WorldSkills Competition and International Skilling Standards
  • Serves as competency center to develop Skill Ecosystem of the State
  • Co-Certification with Schneider Electric, MEN France, Sector Skills Council, and the SDI
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