Mr. Bikash Sahoo

(1st Batch Student Currently working at Medha Servo Drives)

It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my Skill Development Program from SDI Bhubaneswar. I don’t think anywhere else the outcome of CSR initiative could have been any better. A mere 6 months program changed my life. The blissful part is; the institute plays the role of parent at large. From dress to accommodation, from food to education; almost everything was made available to us just because they care for the youth empowerment cause. Million thanks to Government of India; no doubt SDI Bhubaneswar will change lives of thousands of youth in coming years.

Mr. Satish Kumar

(1st Batch Student Currently working at Medha Servo Drives)

I am grateful to SDI Bhubaneswar – for their motto to hunt knowledgeable and needy youth from the extreme corner of the geography and nurture them towards a refined career. I spent six months studying at SDI and this was an absolutely unforgettable period in my life. They have changed the person and its capabilities within me. They skilled me not only to get a job but to explore in life..

Mrs. Nirupama Bastia

(2nd Batch Student)

Even after completion of Diploma in Electrical; I became job less for years; in the meantime, got married and now I am the mother of a 6 years old kid. Husband is working as a private school teacher with very less salary; but we want to bring our child with best of education & best of facilities. I want to help my husband in this life journey. I want to earn; but job oriented skill set was not there with me. I was amazed after seeing the facilities and the training being given by SDI Bhubaneswar. I see lot of hope now in the future. I am speechless on the way oil sector has determined to transform the lives of me like woman who has already left hope on f-competency and skill set.

Mr. Baghray Soren

(2nd Batch Student)

I hail from the tribal region of Odisha; where poverty plays ugly game with us on daily basis. In-spite of hardships, I have completed my ITI from a local ITI school long back; then to support family started working in various un-organized sectors. Got married; has a kid. Life was heading towards uncertainty. But this initiation of Indian Oil Corporation to nurture me like poor and tribal person and bring me back to the life. I am sure, at SDI not only make my life better but also my entire family will head towards a better tomorrow.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar

(1st Batch Student Currently working at Senapathy Whitely)

Launching your career with an esteem firm like Senapathy Whitely wasn’t short of a dream come true and I would really like to dedicate a great part of my career building from SDI Bhubaneswar. SDI being an organisation promoted by Oil PSUs to empower youth through Skill Development; not only provides you some of the finest Skill Development Programs but also foster you to evolve as a potential Indian. It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to be associated with an institution of such Nobel ambition.

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